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IDT HD Sound Only Sound On Left!

Where To Get A Legit Copy (I Bought A Key

Windows Back-up SW Won't Work

BSOD And Random Freezing

Korean And Chinese Fonts/Chracters Show As Square Boxes

Activation Issue Using Upgrade Software On New HDD

Modify Desktop Icons

Windows Would Not Boot

Norton 360 Goes Awol After Window Update

Windows Logon Screen Color Change

Windows Update Sufficient For Driver Updates?

RES Stuck At 1024x768

Cant Access My Documents After A Browsing Sesion

My Computer - Rate 1/10

BSOD During Random Times

Difference Between MouseHoverTime Vs. ExtendedUIHoverTime?

Bad Update Error And Prevents Roll Back Of Update.

Cannot Change Display Language

Problem With Homegroup

Desktop Background Slide Show Option

Network Stutters

Upgrade To Windows 10

Fresh Install

AppDB Registry Import For Fixing Missing Notifications

Use The Media Creation Tool For Clean Install?

Live Mail Imports Only Partially From OE .dbx File

Can You Get Another Computer To Wake Up And Sleep When?

Drag-drop/icons Layout/moving Windows Not Working - Tried Everything!

Cursor Flicker/Refresh Issue

Search Box/up Top/unresonsive

Severely Corrupt System

Win 7 Not Sleeping When A Imac Is Running Near By!

Windows 7 Dropping Wireless Connection

Problem Default Device

Wipe HD First Or Upgrade To 7 Pro First?

I Need Some Advise On Two (2) Desktops

Event Viewer Help? Need To Diagnose Unexpected Shutdown On New Build

Preparing For Eventual Upgrade To Win 7 Release.

Importing Programs Into New User Accounts

Problems With Network Card After Reboot

Best Way To Recover From "sleep" Without Using The Power Button?

Install Failed Twice

Windows 10 Update Bully

Brightness Not Accessible When Returning From Sleep Mode

Switching Taskbar From Window Previewing To Title-only Prieviewing?

File Explorer - Details Column Drop Down Arrow Filter Menus

Win 7 64 Bit Upgrade Activation Problem

Really Need Help - No System Fuctions; D:/ Driver Don't Work

Computer Crashing. Event Logs And Dump Files Included.

Getting More Details In Explorer?

Eudora And Windows 7

Computer Crashing

Windows Restarts 3-5 Times To Properly See The Login Page

External Monitor During Setup Of Windows

OEM 7 Pro Refurbished Activation After Fresh Install Of OS

Win7 SSD Boot With ALL User

Windows Explorer File Layout And Defaults.

Major Freezing Issues

No Password For Joining Homegroup

BSOD Happen Every Turn On My Laptop From Sleep 15 - 30 Minutes

Random Freezes/crashes With No BSOD Or Error Message

How To Back Up The "Indexing Options" Settings? [registry/system File?

Printer Gone

Drivers Problem!

BSOD Randomly. Plus

Last Build Of Windows To Use A Beta Key.?

Strange Concentric Circles On Desktop

Getting UAC Prompt When Clicking Advanced System Settings

Cannot Write To Network Drive Although In Same Homegroup

I Have Been Getting Random BSOD's

Managing System Image & Backups

Computer Freezing At Windows 7 Welcome Screen And Desktop

BSOD While Streaming Online Content And Multitasking

BSOD Ntoskrnl.exe+f11e4 PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA 0x00000050

Bsod Driver_irql_not_less_or_equal Help!

HDD Space Mysteriously Near Completely Filled

Scrollbar Changes From Normal To Thin Without My Permission

Windows 7 Backup Won't Start (64 Bit Home Premium)

Taskbar Preview Delay

DNS Fails After Any Change To Adapter Settings.

Defrag Display

How To Use Windows 10 Theme For Windows 7

Desktop Computer Disappearing And Reappearing On Network (from Laptop)

Display Size Problems

Folder Not Refreshing Automatically

Random Hangs With Fresh Install

Installing Windows 7 Gives Strange Problem

Worth Upgrading From Win 7/64 Pro To Windows 10?

Home Or Pro Upgrade

Taskbar Not On Top

Is There A Way To Disable Sleep While Certain Programs Are Running?

How See Digital Clock From Task Bar Clock?

Looking For Solutions To Several Small Windows 7 Annoyances

Problems With Dell Installation

So.lots Of Explorer Issues. Fixable?

My Screen Freezes But Computer Doesnt. Help Please

User Accounts Frozen And New One Created - ESET Issue

Windows DEP Won't Save My Settings?

Random Freezing

Network Card Keeps Disabling

Constant Random BSODs

BSOD Randomly But Very Frequently

BSOD STOP Error 0x0000010d

Randoms BSOD

Can't Open Any Folder Properties

Computer Crashing

Windows7 BSOD Using Torrent

Sound Popping During Gaming

I Cannot Open Pinned Shorcuts In The Task Bar Please Help

I Get Restarts At Idle

Flashing Taskbar/windows

Acpi.sys 0xc0000098

Folder Not Refreshing Automatically

BSODs And Restarts At Random Intervals

How Do I Change Position Of Start Menu Pop Out

Unable To Get Speaker Working Although Device Manager Says Working Ok

Desktop Icons Messed Up

Help! Cannot Access Media Through NAS

BSOD Of Ntoskrnl.exe 75bd0

Chrome Window Issue

Some Clarification On The "free" Win 10 Upgrade Please

Previously I Do Not Have The "homegroup" Option

Am I Eligible For A Free Upgrade To Win 7?

Problems With Reboot

How Can I Prevent Win Asking Every Time To Launch A Pro

Turn Off Remember Folder Settings?

Windows 7 Suddenly Rejecting Correct Password.

Need Help With Taskbar

Small Problem/bug With The Taskbar.Help Needed.

Hibernate Not Available After Powercfg -h On

Resume From Hibernate/sleep Is Slow

Windows Explorer - Remove "File

Just Wondering What File Is This Causing An Error And Crashing My Syst

New Mouse Driving Me Crazy

BSOD Randomly

Windows Updates Rolling Out Early?

Win 10 (from 7 Ultimate) Upgrade Wants To Wipe All Settings

Changing The "minimize" "maximize" And "close" Buttons Of A Theme

CCleaner Screwed My W 7 Beta :(

Quick Launch Keep Disappearing After Every Reboot!

Wireless Card Issues

Help - Windows Is Unable To Load

Windows Enable To Start After I Messed Up With Disk Management.

Computer Randomly Freezes EVERYTIME

Kernel 41 When Playing Online Games

How To Make Hidden Folders Not Show Up On The Taskbar's Toolbar

Cues And Isos Again

Memory Showing In Windows

Alternative To Synctoy

Hiberation Problem With Asus X53E

Annoying Network Log-on Picture

How Do I Remove Window Outline From Desktop?

How To Monitor With Windows Family Safety Parental Control

Marvell Driver For Controller Not Compatible With Win 7

Windows 7 Sound Stopped Working

Assigning Tasks To Processors

How To Edit Shortcuts At Start Menu?

Microphone Audio Playback Issue

Need To Change Taskbar Settings

Can Save To Desktop But Can't See It

My Computer Wakes Me Up In The Middle Of The Night!

Low Free Memory

Office 2010 / Avast Bug?

BSOD Randomly Started Happening

System Tray CPU Monitor?

Is There Any Program About CLOCK For Window 7 (not Pc Clock )

Problem Of Connection Over LAN.

W7 64bit And WXP 64bit Won't Work At The Same Dime

Manually Moving Files Or Using Backup Softwares?

Just Upgraded From Vista - What Email Application

Pc Keeps Waking Up

Windows Boot Crash

Reverse Win 10 Compact

Crash After Reinstall Aspire 5003wlmi

Buying New Windows Because Of PC UPgrade - Pricing

Bootmenupolicy=standard For Win 7 Hides Multi Boot Menu

Printer Problem Needs Guru. Looks Like Windows Not Brother Problem.

Random BSOD While Working On PC

No RTM Announcement Today (7/13) From MS

Realtek HD Audio Issue - Sounds Flat

Trouble With Kaspersky

Error Message After The Computer Restarts Mid Installation

System Random Crashes & Freezing

BSOD Random Times No Known App Triggers-err: 0x00000124

RUN Instead Of EXPLORER In Task Bar

MSN Taskbar Problem/bug?

Random BSOD's All The Time

Taskbar Icons

Failed Updates

Which Product Key To Use After New Hardware

Windows 7 Is Very Unstable & Glitchy After Install. How Can I Fix It?

Assistance With (WIFI & PCI)Driver Installation For Dell Vostro 3550

My Windows 7 Search Function Fails To Find Files I Know Are There.

Windows Boots

No Networks Are Working

User Account Missing

Force Default DVD Installation/repair.

Dell Latitude E6410- If Is Idle For A While I Get BSOD - Why ?

Windows 7 ISO Won't Boot

Random BSOD & Lockups.

Downgrading From Windows 10 To Windows 7

Old Win 98 Programs Never Die.

Windows Shuts Down

SRS Volume Problem On Realtek HD

26gb Of Spaced Lost After Upgrade

Login/lock Screen Customization

BSOD Randomly

Windows Updates Fail

Retrying Updates Without Re-downloading

Upgraded From Vista To Windows 7 - Files Are Gone!

BSOD Unknown Problems.

Downloaded A Driver From Acer And Now My Microphone Jack Dont Work

Does Windows 7 Premium 64 Bit Have Less Updates Than Previous Versions

VPN Disconnects INTERNET

CPU And Memory Running Very High - Please Help!

Help Me Install Windows?

Wake On Keyboard And Mouse Not Staying Disabled

Major Graphics Card Troubles. Help Needed.

How To Forceinstall A Driver Bypassing The Compatibilit

Any Upgrade Versions Out There Yet

Windows 10 GWX Update KB3035583 Listed As Optional

Currupt File And Start Up Doesnt Work

Problem With Computer Clock.

How To Make A Copy Of Factory Installed Windows

Laptop Keyboard: Not Working For Passwords Or Cmd Prompt; Otherwise Ok

Wireless Adapter Problem? Can't Hold Connection

I Have A Question About The Media Creation Tool For Windows 10?

Lots Of BSOD Problems Lately

Random BSOD While I Didn't Do Anything With The Computer

Scrunched & Blurry Fonts

How 2 Pin Wordpad To START Menu

Two Headphones Different Sound For Each Headphones?

BSOD Netio.sys While Using UTorrent

Windows 7 Downgrade

Windows 7 Upgrade Download Question

BSOD Boot Loop After Downgrading From Windows 10 To Windows 7

Can I Upgrade To Professional Version?

Windows 7 Won't See Or You All Of My RAM

Win 7 Key Not Required For Upgrades?

Changing The System Partition?

BSOD Errors After Failed CCC Update


BSOD Lately Usually Just After Boot-up

Bluetooth Issues (unable Uncheck "turn Off Adapter)

How Do I Change The Look Of The Applications In Windows 7

Automatically Changing Screen Brightness

Ding A Fresh Install Of Win 7 Need A Refresher

Annoying Thing In Windows

Windows 7 Activation After Hadware Change And Clean Install Later On

Clean Install Of Windows 7 From Windows8.1-problems Opening Everything

How To Turn Off Specific Updates

Windows 7 Not Remembering Settings After Restart

BSOD Randomly PxHlpa64.sys+3074

Library Icon Displaying Slowly

PC Won't Sleep

10 Key Buttons Not Working & Fingerprints Burned From R Hand

Constant BSOD's And Windows Update Issue

~20 Office Updates Failing To Install

How Do I Get Rid Of The W 10 Update Schedule

Activating Fresh Install On Preinstalled OEM Laptop

Wiindows 10 Pro V1511

UAC Keeps Reverting To Back To Highest Elevated Level

Can't Add More Icons To Taskbar

Lost Access To My Administrator Account

Speakers Are Repeatedly Disabled

Windows Starts In Local Account ONLY

W7 Will Not Start Up After Installation.

Open Window Moves Behind Another Open Window

Thumbnails Take Too Long To Load

How Do I Stop Windows From Filling The Entire Screen?

My New Acer Laptop Is Not Willing To Cooperate.

Comp Started Freezing

Homegroup And File Sharing Stopped Working Over Home Network

Random BSOD's Only While Away From PC

Constant BSOD's On Wife's Computer

BSOD Happened Overnight No Activity No Programs Running At The Time

As A Standard User - Stay Off My Desktop.

How Do I Change Opened App "brightness" In TaskBar

Taskbar Preview

Laptop Won't Go Into Sleep Mode

Getting Back The Registery To Its Default Situation

Windows Updates Issued Today- Anyone Have Problems Yet?

Who Wants Mail Back In Win7

Update To Previous Freezing Problem

Change Desktop Slideshow Time?

My Best Peformance Tweak Yet (Replace Explorer)

Old User Profile Folder Being Constantly Recreated

Windows Automatically Updated Itself W/o My Permission

No Wakeup After Hybrid Sleep (black Screen)

HFS+ (Mac OS Extended) Filesystem Driver For Windows?

From 7 To 10

Windows Update Failure: WindowsUpdate_800705B4

HP OfficeJet K5400 - Won't Print

Product Key On Different Disk

Blue Screen Error Every Morning(uploaded DMP Files)

Problem With Sound After Boot

Using Regedit To Search For Orphan Entries - Can It Be Done Safely?

BSOD A Few Hours After Starting Laptop For The Las Few Days

Norton 360 3.0 Question

How To Change Notification Area Background Color (hidden Icons Area)?

Activation Says My Key Is Only For Upgrades Not Activation?

So Microsoft Coming Out With A New Windows 10 So Now What?

No Sound Since Windows 7 Was Updated On My Laptop


Computer Hangs/applications Don't Run After Half An Hour Of Use

McAfee Total Protection & Windows Defender

Installation Problems?

Windows System Volume Only Controls Left Channel

Cant Change The Default Recording Device

Cds48.sin9.msecn.net Eating My Bandwidth

Where's A Notepad?

Win 7 X64 Creating Directories Instead Of Partitions

Windows Blinking

Windows Setup Problem

Can't Find %apppath% On Installation

BSOD PC Always Freez

Microsoft Essentials And Non Genuine Windows 7

New Machine-user Name Issues


Hibernation Resume Indicator

Folder Thumbnails Broken

How Do I Fix SATA Mode

Help Windows 7 Error 0x80073712

Open All Docs From Previous Windows Session

Mute Key Won't Work Since Upgrade To X64

Power Options Don't Retain Changes: Keep Resetting

Notification Center: Updates Icon Keeps Saying Windows 10 Tech Preview

BSOD 124 - Freezes With/without Sound

Ram Usage Up To 80%+ In About An Hour

Windows 7 And AHCI - Question

A New Network Seems To Have Been Created - How To Undo?

BSOD In Random Apps

Remove New Fonts

Can't Update To Windows 10

No Activation

Can't Install Tune Up Utilities 2010

How To Make A Bootable DVD From Upgrade Download

Windows Font Missing. HELP!

Please Help Me My Desktop Not Load

Latest Windows Updates Cause Folders To Disappear From Desktop

Do I Need Win Defender If I Use Avast Free AV?

Power Plan Issue After Hibernate

Lost All Programs Listings

Random BSOD After Overheating Crashes

~30 Second Freezing At Windows 7 Startup Screen

Graphical Corruption In Browser Window.

All Icons In Start Menu And Desktop Are Showing Blank

Help! Constant Bsod Makes Laptop Unusable

Slow Explorer Progress Bar On Large Folder

Upgrade W/Full Version Doesn't Work

Numerous Upate Failures Over Past Year

Can't Upgrade To Windows 10.

Laptop Will Access Homegrop But Will Not Allow Access To Mapped Folder

Windows Fails Durring Install

PC Does Not Recognise A Microphone

Splash Screen Problem

Windows Wants Me To Change My Password

The Touchpad On My Laptop Wont Scroll


Random Freezing Even After New Install Of OS

Automatic Restore Point Creation Failure - Possible Simple Workaround

Brightness Control Is Broken

Windows Sounds Are Delayed 5-10 Seconds After Massive Updates On 10-14

Slipstream Drivers And N-light.

I Lost Power During A Windows Restore And Cannot Even Boot Windows Now

How To Install Several Instances Of The Same Printer

Two Different BSOD Error Codes

Display Turns Off After A Couple Of Hours Idle?

Homegroup Problem-says Ipv6 Not Installed But Really Is

Why Do My Folder View Options Keep Changing?

Replacing HDD Leads To Systemprofile Missing

My Start Menu Fonts Are Blurry When I Apply Themes

BSOD At Startup Not Able The Cause

Getting A BSOD After Leaving My Computer Idle

Problem With Homegroups

User Account No Longer Visible.

Pointer Not Indicating Busy While Processing

Crash On Wake Up From Hibernate

Not A BSOD - Unable To Get Into Sleep

Is It Possible To Receive A Corrupted Version Of Windows?

Help With Bsod Please!

Very Annoying Problem: Admin Changes Itself To Standard

BSOD Then No Boot Cause Fwpkclnt.sys Is Missing Or Corrupt

Trouble With Installation

Need To Move MBR

White Box In The Start Bar

Random Freezes Give BSOD Notifications After Reset

Making Changes To Start Menu (customization Isn't Working As Expected)

TCPIP Connection Patch ?

Running Programs Seem To Close By Themselves At Night

I Have A Taskbar Problem When Windows Are Stacked

3 Random BSODs

Cursor Lockup

My Window 7 Is Looking Like It's From 10 Years Ago?

10 Tips For A Better Looking Desktop

Explorer Alternative Enables Hidden Features

DiskPart And Network Share Question

W10 Reminder

Endless Loop Trying To Install

How Would I Change The Startup Screen?

Since I Have Windows 7 I Game Like CRAP =(


BSODs With Various Bug Check Codes After Upgrading Hardware

Screen Flashes When In Computer Management

Change Location Of Desktop Folder Restore When Rebooting.

Windows Re-install Gone Wrong; Can't Boot From Hard Drive - Help

System Builder Version Of Windows 7

Multiple Crashes On Several Installs. Ntoskrnl.exe And Hal.dll 0x109

Multiple BSOD Issues After Recent Windows Update.

About Windows 7 To Windows 10 Os Upgrading

Want To Share This Great Optimization For SSD

Things Don't Seem To Save Upon Restart

6 Gb Ram Only 3.96 Gb Usable

BSOD At Very Random Points

Defaults To 2 Channel Sound 5.1 Works If Manually Set

Hibernation Is Not Enabling

User Selection Screen Wallpaper

MSE Slow Display Of Icons And Thumbnails

Trouble With AHCI

Question With RAM Usage; 8gb Installed

How Do I Enable Lock When Screen Turns OFF?

Cursor/mouse Problem; Loses Window Focus And Jumps Around Screen

OS X Font Renderer For Windows

Applications Won't Start

PC Takes 5 Mins To Boot Then Runs Fine

Skinning Non-aero Capable Desktop

Monitor Port Changes After Boot And At Random ATI Radeon HD5700 HIS.

Old Games (DX9

Windows Activation Restrictions


Oh No! My Desktops Missing!

BSOD Bug Check Code: 0x9F

Taskbar Icons With Custom Lists

Windows 7 Does Not Auto-refresh

Using USB Ports Cause Computer To Go To Sleep

UEFI/Legacy Bios Issue

Problem With Network Connection

Laptop Brightness Problem

ESET Popup Some Message About Virus Detection

PC No Longer Hibernates Or Sleeps

Key For Upgrade Or Full?

Windows 7 To Windows 10 Install Freezeup

How Disable Cursors Clickin Effects With Tablet?

Problem With Encrypted Volume On Windows Startup

Problems Rolling Back From Win 10 To 7 With Lenovo Laptop

Windows Sound Issue!

BSOD's And Freezes After Installing Windows 7


Does Window 10 App On Window 7 Computer Cause PC To Wake From Sleep?

Microsoft Windows Essential Froze Up - I Am Not Tech Savy

How To Change The Window Picture.

Windows Startup Has Become Very Slow

TaskBar Icons Constantly Changing My Icons For Chrome Any Help?


Windows Basic COlour Scheme Lost On Reboot

BSOD Caused By Nvlddmkm.sys TDR Stop Error 0116

Unlocking User And Sleep Problem

W 10 Upgrade

UAC And Trusted Programs

Multiple BSOD Error Codes At Startup

Question? Vista-W7 Upgrade

Desperate.Plz Help.Admin Access Denied

Registry Problem

Integrated Webcam Didnt Work Anymore

How To Make Side Placed Taskbar Thinner?

Clean Install - Crashes Every Time

Make The Wallpaper Change More Often Than Every 10 Seconds?

Windows Folder Shows Up In Two Places.

Graphics Drivers Break Windows?

PC Freezes With No Error Message

Windows 7 Won't Use My Microphone


I Can't Save Changes To Power Plans.

Frequent BSD IRQL Not Less Or Equal And Bad Pool Header

Computer Sleep Settings

My Clock Is Slow O_o

Windows Activation Problem

Running 3 Monitors On ATI & Nvidia

Windows Back-up And Restore Can No Longer Do Weekly Backups On Storage

Problem With My Network Card? Can't Connect To Wi-Fi!

Reinstalling Does't Genuin With Same Product Key

Upgrading To An Ssd Using Recovery Media/fresh Install

Any Way To Get NVIDIA Win 7 Drivers To Show Again In Windows Update?

Windows Update Affects Moving & Renaming Folders

Netr28x.sys - PC Shuts Down Please Help!

Random BSOD's Please Help!

Complete Random Freeze Without BSOD

Asks For Permission Everytime I Restart Even Thought UAC Turned Off

I Am Having A Weird Problem On My Laptop With Win7

Computer Crashes After Restart From Windows Update

Wakeup Cursor Problem

BSOD Randomly

Multiple Installations With Product Keys Question

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